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SW SCR Piston Valves
SW SCR Piston Valves act as a devicein which a piston is moving linearly inside of a chamber or cylinder to control the flow of fluid down a tube or pipe. They manage the steam's entry into the cylinders and subsequent exhaustion, which allows a locomotive to operate independently.

Forged Valves
Our company offers industrial-grade Forged Valves that can be used in low to high-pressure liquid, gas, as well as steam flow systems. Buy from us these fittings in various shapes and sizes as per customer demands at a reasonable price range. 

PRDS Valves
PRDS Valves aresingle-seat, angle-style valve that offers a convenient way to reduce both pressure and temperature. The main branch is where the high pressure, high temperature vapour enters, is decreased in pressure, and then cooling is added.

Steam Traps
Steam Traps are heavy-duty fittings that are commonly used in flow systems of steam power plants to remove condensate. These products can be delivered to our customers in large quantities with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
To maintain the desired equipment pressure, Steam Pressure Reducing Stations are necessary to control the high incoming pipeline pressure. Equipment used in plants, such as gas compressors, engines, turbines, burners, etc., has a certain working pressure range that must be met.

Pressure Relief Safety Valves
Pressure Relief Safety Valves are a safety-related component used in the pipeline or with vessels in pneumatics. These valves are used to regulate compressed air pressure levels in systems. They are intended to safeguard equipment from overpressurized circumstances.

Moisture Separators
Moisture Separators are very easy to install and simple to handle.When the steam or gas passes around the baffle and out without moisture in the separator, ensures 95% efficiency and longer equipment life. They require very low maintenance costs. 

 Cast Steel Safety Valves
Cast Steel Safety Valves are frequently used in steam systems for applications such boiler overpressure protection and downstream of pressure reduction devices. Safety valves are employed in process operations to avoid product damage caused by excessive pressure, despite the fact that its primary purpose is safety.

Piston Valves
Buy from us highly durable and robust manually operated Piston Valves that are used to change the flow rate within the pipelines with a help of a rotating handwheel by opening or closing the flow channel. These industrial fittings can be delivered to our customers as per their demands at a reasonable price. 
Condensate Return Pump Systems
Condensate Return Pump Systems are frequently used to transport condensate throughout the power generation heat exchange system because they can manage high pressure and temperature in designs that take up little space and require little maintenance. Enhancing condensate return to the boiler increases power plant efficiency.

Flash Steam Separators
Flash Steam Separators act as a machine that separates steam and water droplets. They are an essential piece of machinery in the dehydration of natural gas. The separator's job is to remove from the gas stream any gas and condensate hydrocarbons from the glycol that were absorbed in the contact tower.

Y Type Strainer
We are a big name that deals in the manufacturing and supplying of top-quality Y Type Strainer made up of cast iron and mild steel which result in high durability and sturdiness. Get these fittings from us in bulk as per your demands.
Control Valves
Control Valves are sturdy mechanical elements that are designed as per fluid engineering standards to control the flow rate within the flow lines. These components are available in various sizes and shapes as per the application areas.

Flow Check Valve
Flow Check Valve prevents major harm to pumps and compressors by regulating the flow of liquids. This valve is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and excellent durability. This is safe to handle. 

Condensate Recovery System
In the condensate Recovery System, condensate is returned to an open-to-atmosphere collection tank for use as boiler make-up water, pre-heat, or other hot water applications using steam trap inlet pressure or a condensate pump. This is very effective as well as economical to use.